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23rd to 25th of May, 2014

Mojoconf 2014 in Oslo, Norway, will have one day of training, one day of conference and one day of hackathon. The core Mojo team will be there and bring you awesomeness beyond limits. Get your shiny metal ass to Oslo to learn about Mojolicious!

This conference is for Perl people of all levels, but prepare to level up!


Tickets are finally available and can be purchased here:

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About Mojolicious

Mojolicious is a real-time web framework for the Perl programming language. It keeps up to date with the HTTP, WebSockets, HTML and JSON specifications so you can focus on implementing the core business logic. Everything else Just Works.

Read more about Mojolicious on the official website.

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06/04/14 Tickets available for Mojoconf 2014

As some of you might have noticed it is now possible to buy tickets for the upcoming Mojoconf2014 conference.


Mojolicious tutorialMay 23rd 2014500 EURFull-day tutorial with a Mojolicious core developer
MojoconfMay 24th 201420 EURConference-day
Mojolicious hackathonMay 25th 2014FreeHacking on various projects

Please visit the Mojoconf website or go directly to the purchase page to buy your tickets.

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The venue is sponsored by y3o. It is located in the center of Oslo, five minutes walk from the central station.